How to get it right when matching your outfit with someone elses

Outfit matching between you and your partner is extremely popular, especially with the likes of Posh and Becks for example. However, even they can get it wrong sometimes. We have all seen the parents that pop their children in matching outfits, and it looks cute… but only when it is done right.

In this blog post we talk about how you can match your partners outfit so you look classy and sophisticated, but so it isn’t over the top!

Why not consider choosing your partner a shirt that is the same colour as your dress? This can work really well if your partner is wearing a suit, or if the shirt has splashes of the colour of your dress. However, if he isn’t wearing a suit it can be a little over the top if the shirt is the exact same colour as your dress.

We recently saw some wedding photos that had the lady in a gorgeous yellow dress, and her partner had a yellow buttonhole flower, cufflinks, tie and yellow shoes. It worked really well and wasn’t too much. However, this does take a lot of pre-planning, yellow shoes aren’t easy to come by and you may not want to buy them to match a dress on a one-off occasion?

Alternatively, why not match accessories. For example you could choose one colour for your shoes and handbag, and this is the same colour as your partners tie and cufflinks. You could add in your jewellery in that colour too, or even a hat or fascinator?

A really good way of outfit matching with your partner is to choose a tie that matches your dress colour. This can be really easily as there are so many different coloured ties and patterns out there. This is a nice, simple way of matching without it being too much. If you would like to take it one step further why not get cufflinks in the same colour too, or a handkerchief for their pocket?

What do you think? Are you a matching fan or not?

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