This is something I experience regularly and your either right or wrong.

Hi I am Charlie Darlow a mobile hairdresser and bridal hair specialist.

Within the past 14 years I have seen a lot of style and fashion changes especially within occasion hair and dressing.

However, one frequent issue is the simple question of,

“hair before the dress or dress before hair.”

You must have an outfit or at least an idea of the neckline of the outfit before you decide how you want hair.

Some dresses suit hair down, some hair up, to the side etc.

I always advise when you go to try on a dress whether its bridal, bridesmaid, prom, ball etc that you should go with your hair down and take a clip.

Try the dress on with your hair down first. Then use your clip and take your hair into a half down half up style.

Finally pop all the hair off your neck and you will notice each time your hair changes it will change the look of the outfit automatically.

You may find your hair my be hiding your neck and the neckline of the dress so having it up elongates the back area giving a more classic frame from the top of the head to the bust.

However a dress with no strap and a long open back maybe more suited to a down do to provide some cover and softness to the style.

Charlie Darlow Hairdressing and Bridal –

(Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash)

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