Here at Amy’s Boutique I can offer you a Lovely selection of evening and occasion dresses to hire, including Prom Dresses.

In this blog post I thought I would talk to you about the benefits of hiring a dress in Peterborough instead of buying one;

Save Money

Buying dresses for balls, charity events, ceremonies and more can really add up. Especially if you only want to wear the dress once. Hiring a dress in Peterborough is a fraction of the cost of buying a brand new dress so you can save money by hiring.

Save Time

You don’t need to run from shop to shop trying out different dresses, sizes and colours before finding the dress you want and then going from shop to shop to get the best price. Instead, when you hire a dress from Amy’s Boutique, all the dresses are in one place. You can take your time trying on different dresses, colours and styles. You can even keep trying one or two on until you decide which one you like best.

Save Space

Many of us have wardrobes that are full to the brim of clothes. There is no room for more clothes, let alone a special dress that takes up loads of room due to its length, and one you’ll only wear once. By hiring a dress in Peterborough you only need it a few days from collection to bringing it back, and it won’t take u p any valuable wardrobe space.

Designer Dresses

Sometimes budgets are tight, and while we dream of a designer dress, our budget may not stretch that far. By hiring a dress you could have the opportunity to wear a classy designer dress you couldn’t dream of buying, but will be able to easily afford to rent it.

These are just some of the many benefits of hiring a dress for your next big event. Why not contact me now to book an appointment and come and try a selection of dresses on?

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