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Our owner and founder, Amy Braybrook is an Author

In 2022 Amy self published her debut Novel “Anything for you” after completing a year studying and writing with the Authors and Co, Fiction Academy which was launched by Abigail Horne and Deanne Addams in March 2021

The Story

Is all about Scarlett, a young girl who falls in love with her Best friend, but when her brother threatens to ruin everything, just how far will she be prepared to go, in order to get exactly what she wants? All the trials and tribulations of young love, or what is perceived to be love, sometimes everything it is not always quite as it seems

Here is the Trailer for the Book

In Amy’s own words she says “Writing the book was a labour of love, and although I managed to complete it in just 1 year, the idea had probably been growing for about 4 years before that, and the dream of writing and publishing a book was actually a childhood dream I’d had since I was about 4 or 5 years old, even in my leavers statement from secondary school, I wrote about how much I wanted to write a book one day, so it feels very special to me, that I was able to achieve that dream”

Amy lives in Peterborough with her Husband, Daughter and Cat.

She loves listening to music, reading, food and going to the gym as well as spending time with her family and friends

“Anything for you” is available to buy on Amazon as a paperback and you can also buy the kindle version

Why buy Physical books?

Books allow us to be present in the moment, we can escape into the story and use our imaginations when it comes to the characters. There is the feel and smell of books, plus the feeling of holding something tangible, non digital in your hands and physically seeing your progress through the book.

Not only has Amy (owner and founder) writing her first novel, she also added Pre-oved books to what we offer as a business, to make reading and books accessible to as many people as possible

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